Currently SARAORG does not have any open volunteer position. We will update when the situation changes. Thank you so much for considering SARA Org.

Living in Austin can be a difficult task for a refugee. The cost of living is high, public transportation is confusing, and language barriers make it difficult to navigate our complicated systems and resources. As a local and a volunteer, you can help ease  this difficult transition by donating your time and resources to helping these refugees start fresh. To apply, please fill out our volunteer application and send it to sara@saraorg.org.

Our current volunteer positions are listed below:

 1)      Family support specialist: This volunteer is assigned to a refugee family to be their advocate and facilitator in order to help ease the transition and settling experience. This position requires the volunteer to be available to advocate for the family’s needs, provide transportation, communicate the status of each family to SARA, answer questions, find solutions to problems, facilitate connections to jobs, medical assistance, and social issues.

 2)      ESL teacher: This volunteer will teach English to refugees. The position requires teaching English to adults who are not enrolled in school and who may not have had previous education. It also may involve teaching to school-age or college-level students. The volunteer’s skills and proficiency will be considered in the assignments.

 3)      Tutor: Help school-age students with their homework assignments and help them better understand the subject matter being studied. The volunteer’s skills and level of education are both key for this assignment. A keen understanding of Algebra 1 & 2, Physics, English and the Sciences is essential. Teaching and tutoring experience is ideal.

 4)      Job coordinator: Finding suitable employment is the key to success for every refugee family. The general lack of English language skills limits the ability for refugees to search and communicate with potential employers. This volunteer is tasked with learning and understanding the skills of each refugee, finding opportunities that they can interview for, and communicating with the potential employer on their behalf.

 5)      Medical support specialist: This volunteer is tasked with helping refugees obtain appropriate medical care by finding caregivers, making appointment and facilitating transportation. Volunteers will work with SARA management to arrange for payments when necessary.

 6)      Housing coordinator: Housing cost and availability is critical to each refugee family’s well-being and stability. This volunteer will help refugee families apply for government housing, subsidized housing and non-profit supported apartments or they will find commercial apartments suitable to each family’s needs. They will also resolve conflicts and issues with housing management and advocate for the refugee family to mitigate problems.

 7)      General Volunteer: This volunteer will be involved in general tasks as-needed. It could require being available for transportation, mentorship, pick-up and delivery, coordinating various programs/projects, volunteer management or random assignments based on skills and interests.

To apply, please fill out our volunteer application and send it to sara@saraorg.org.