January 2017 - Update regarding Executive Order

The President just signed an executive order that suspends the entry of Syrian refugees into the United States. www.saraorg.org

Unfortunately, the president is punishing the victims. This decision harms so many refugees who are in the process of being approved to come to the U.S. These refugees were selected by U.S. representatives because they were good candidates for resettlement; now they are in no man’s land. Since the U.S. vetting process takes 18 to 28 month, there are so many people in the pipeline.

We know of families who had been told that they were approved and got airline tickets to depart in the next few days. These refugees have given notices to their landlords, sold their furniture and other hard assets, packed their bags and some are on the way to the airport. This is another blow that these unlucky refugees have to endure. This is just sad.

Austin has received Syrian refugee families and SARA will focus on easing the transition and settling experience for them. Our heart goes out to those who were coming, but now cannot.