October 2016 Update

Dear Friends,

Because of your support and the hard work of our amazing volunteers, SARA Organization is excited to introduce several new programs to help Syrian refugees in Austin.

There are currently 192 Syrian refugees living in Austin, Texas. The majority of Syrian refugee men in Austin are finding jobs; however the same is true for only 10% of the women. With SARA’s latest programs, we aim to train refugee women in skilled work so that they may become empowered and generate additional income for their families.

The SEWING Project: click here
Guided by one of our knowledgeable volunteers, we teach sewing in order to give women a unique skill that will help them in their path to self-sufficiency. You can become a customer by stopping by to have something altered.

The CATERING Project: click here
Many Syrian refugee women are excellent cooks and have obtained food handling certificates in Austin. These women have catered food for several parties, individuals and functions. SARA aims to facilitate this catering service by linking customers with cooks. Consider becoming a customer by having a refugee woman cater your next event.

ADOPT-A-FAMILY Project: click here
SARA will facilitate “adopting”, or sponsoring, a Syrian refugee family in Austin. By choosing to sponsor a refugee family (partially or fully) for a period of time, you will help ensure that their most basic needs are met until they become self-sufficient. Whether it’s by assisting with rent, utilities bill, internet, or simply a bus pass - there is a way for you to help.

If you have a skill or trade to teach refugees or if you have any job referrals, we would love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at sara@saraorg.org

As always, thank you so much for your outstanding support. We value each of you so much for your dedication to our mission. Please spread the word, share the post, keep the support strong, and reach out to your friends!