November 2016 Update

Dear Friends,

Syrian refugee arrivals slowed down in November, but the month was eventful. SARA website & Facebook page scored record visits in November, but the fundraising was at SARA’s lowest amount and well below the needed level. 

SARA outlays have risen as several families are struggling with rent and other payments. There are 37 Syrian refugee families (128 children & 80 adults) in Austin.

Please support SARA with donations at

12 cars are needed for recent Syrian refugee families. Donate a car and get tax deductions through SARA Organization.

Syrian women refugees are witnessing increased fear driven acts. A refugee woman boarded a transit bus with a large bag. Besides the strange looks, once she sat in a chair, few people around her moved away to the end of the bus! She smiled and wondered how she at an age of over 50 years old and having had a luxurious life before being forced to become a refugee, that some people think of her as a threat!

Another woman noticed that her supervisor at a hotel started, after the election, to search the rooms after she had made them. Does electing a new president make supervisors suspicious of employees? She asks!

Sometimes refugee women hear people shouting at them in the streets or from cars, but the women don’t understand what’s being said and just ignore it. 
The Syrian refugee men don’t typically get shouted at. 
So far no violence has been reported.

SARA continues to help Syrian refugee with: rents and utility payments, jobs, subsidized housing, transportation, training and tutoring. 
Please keep supporting SARA and thank you for being a friend.