Catering Project

Many Syrian refugee women are excellent cooks, particularly when it comes to Syrian cuisine. These talented women obtained food handling certificates in Austin and have gone on to cater food for several parties, individuals and functions. SARA aims to facilitate this catering service by linking customers with cooks. By becoming a customer, you will be providing much-needed income for these refugee women, while empowering their path to self-sufficiency. See below for our latest menu and photos.

Orders must be for 10+ people. Check or cash only, made out to the Syrian woman who cooked your food.

Disclaimer: SARA Organization facilitates the connection between customers and cooks, and does not sell the food nor handle the transactions. SARA only helps with the coordination and translation. SARA does not charge money for its service nor does SARA receive any compensation for the help it provides. All proceeds are paid directly to cooks.

To place an order, please fill out our order form.
For complex orders and special requests, please call 512-417-5704.