SARA is excited to announce a new program that will allow locals to  sponsor a Syrian refugee family in Austin, Texas.

When refugee families first arrive in the United States, it can take several months for them to become familiar with their new surroundings and reach financial stability. This is especially true in Austin, where the cost of living is high and rising.

By choosing to sponsor a refugee family, you will help ensure that their most basic needs are met until they find a job and become self-sufficient. Some families need assistance with rent, while others only need help with their utility bill. Whatever their circumstance, there is a way for you to contribute and help them have a smoother transition.

As a sponsor, you can provide assistance in the following ways:

  • Apartment Rent – full or partial payments
  • Utilities bill – full or partial payments
  • Internet bill – full or partial payments
  • Donate a Vehicle
  • General donation of clothing, food, furniture, toiletries, misc.
  • Any other creative ways - e.g. bus passes, field trips, summer camps, etc.

So that sponsors can better understand the circumstances these families had to endure before coming to Austin, SARA is listing their stories hereFrom this list, you can choose which family you’d like to sponsor.

Click Here to read their stories.

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